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BoGao group Founded in 2000,focused on researching and producing polyurethane curing agent, alkyd resin and acrylic resin and the auxiliary materials. The products have been widely used in wood coating, high-end printing inks and adhesives. We have 2 modern plants located in ShunDe, Guangdong Province and ChengDu, SiChuan province in China. With Annual production capacity of 100,000 tons. The exclusive logistics fleets which can transport the chemical goods, provide convenient services and attentive supports for all customers.

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We have standard automatic production lines,by importing the film evaporation equipments and the low-temperature-titration technique from German. From raw materials selection, technical control, in-process inspection to final inspection. We strictly follow the ISO9001 QMS,And we always do the best. We have the first-rate standard laboratories,R&D equipments and international R&D teams,we have extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions. We drafted China-environmental-protection-curing-agent standards,and devoted on reducing the free TDI monomers of curing agents and met the European standards. We successfully developed odorless alkyd resin, offer the package solution for wooden ware PU odorless paints. We invest a great deal of techniques to research water based curing agent and water based resin providing firm support for customer’s product upgrading.
We truly proud of our products, because they can meet your needs.

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As one of the best Asia partner of Valspar,BoGao awarded the top ten national brands of resin in China and a member of Guangdong paint & coatings association,Vice-president Unit of Shun De paint & coatings producers.We won lots titles like Best Development Potential Award of ShunDe.

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We established strategic partnership with some top coatings Enterprises, like DAIHO, Idopa, ZhanChen,BADESE,etc.

Helping clients to achieve sustainable development is what does BoGao fight for.

Let’s partner!

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